Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Makeover By Makeup Miracle | An Extra Special Birthday Present for 2016

It is not everyday that we get our makeup done on us by a professional makeup artist. This year, our birthday was a truly special one - we had an intimate makeover done on us by none other than Kenny Yee, our new-found makeup artist friend and founder of one of Malaysia's up-and-coming and notable makeup academies in Malaysia, Makeup Miracle Workshop and Academy. When the day came, we were super excited, to say the least, as we had no idea what sort of makeup look that Kenny would be doing for us on our birthday (this happened towards the end of March *_^) that afternoon when we reached the cosy studio of Makeup Miracle, but it was one experience that we would come to enjoy! 

Visuals compiled via Makeup Miracle Workshop and Academy Official website

With more than 10 years of experience in the makeup industry, Kenny founded Makeup Miracle Workshop and Academy in 2010 and has never looked back since. The establishment offers a wide variety of makeup courses which include bridal, commercial, editorial, fashion, personal grooming, just to name a few. It was a privilege that we had the chance to get a makeover from him. 

Kenny welcomed us into his sleek studio and had a quick chat with us, what would we love to do that day, what sort of makeup we love. If you had followed us long enough, you will realise that we love a more natural, luminous look - one that is us, but only better, in a radiant way. Kenny totally agreed with us and promised that he would do just that. So, he went preparing and told us that Laura Mercier would be the brand most befitting to achieve such a look for our makeover and the star product for the day would be the new Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation.

Once we were seated, we knew that we were in good hands. Kenny explained that primer is crucial to prepare a good base or canvas for the rest of the makeup to look great on the skin. We are well aware that Laura Mercier is famous for their base makeup products, so naturally, that would be the way to go. In between applying primer and then the Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation (here), he kept our skin moist by spraying his own-made mist - rose water. It was most definitely soothing and relaxing indeed. We feel, that was a makeup trick there already *_^

By the time the base makeup was done, our complexion was instantly evened out, with a soft natural look and the foundation felt really comfortable on the skin too! It felt like second skin. To add a little glow and uplift the skin further, the new Face Illuminator (here) highlighter was used, only ever so sparingly though, which we absolutely love. Another cream shading product was added as well, which we super love its smooth texture and sheen. Our brow was done in such a way that we totally enjoyed as we always have a nagging feeling that we can never really quite get our brow shape right! (seriously).

Kenny opted a cream-based blush - Crème Cheek Colour (here) for our cheek and nude colours for the eyes. For the lips, Kenny chose two shades from the new Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour (here) range to combine to give our lips a natural yet with a flush of pink finishing. Surprisingly, the texture of the lip products were not sticky but quite comforting. Voila! Our makeup was done. He also did our hair after and that completed our makeover session. 

Visual via LUMINNEJ's Instagram
Visuals via LUMINNEJ's Instagram

We could not have been more happier with the outcome of the makeover. We feel Kenny had achieved what we had set out to do for the day - a naturally luminous makeup look. Kenny is most definitely skillful and professional indeed. That was the perfect look we were aiming for because right after that, we celebrated our birthday with our dear daddy and family over a simple but delicious dinner.

To know more about Makeup Miracle Workshop and Academy, you can check out the official website here. If you are curious as to what Kenny and his team are up to, head over to their Facebook page here and Instagram here. For Laura Mercier, here would be best. The brand's new summer collection is looking smoking hot, by the way. 

Visual via Laura Mercier official website

Big huge hugs and kisses to Kenny for making us feel like a princess on our special day! We look forward to catching up with you again real soon! Hope you are having a fantastic week so far, lovelies *_^ 

With love, 
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  1. What a wonderful treat for your birthday Jeann! Kenny did a fantastic job and your makeup came out very soft and pretty! Love the pink lips! Having a skilled professional do the application can make such a difference right! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration afterwards too ^_^ Happy Wednesday my dear!

    1. Haha yes Rowena. Most definitely make a huge difference when makeup is done proper by someone like Kenny *_^


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