Monday, May 23, 2016

Sisley Makeup Workshop With Alexandre Colaianni From Sisley Paris

Animal prints, zebra to be precise was very prominent in the theme and decoration for this rare makeup workshop hosted by the beautiful skincare and beauty brand, Sisley Paris, not too long ago at Delectable By Su, Glasshouse. We are aware of the presence of this Phytocosmetology based brand in Malaysia but have never had a chance to get to know the brand better. So, the makeup workshop was a good way to introduce us to this French family-owned company, all thanks to the kind invitation by Sisley Malaysia, as well as to unveil their latest new makeup items called the Phyto Twist range

Founded by entrepreneur and visionary, Hubert D'Omano in 1976, Sisley Paris is a beauty brand which believes in infusing, or rather having botanical essences or plant-derived technology and ingredients to be the basis of its cosmetology. The synergy of natural extracts resulting, amplifying and strengthening the efficacy of each active ingredient is the heart of Sisley research, the use of natural plant extract in beauty products then brings about the term Phytocosmetology. The core concept was meticulously explained that day, during the workshop, by the experienced makeup artist of Sisley Paris, Alexandre Colaianni. Based on years of extensive research and Sisley's know how, he further elaborated on the luxurious and high end quality and anti-aging properties of the Sisleya Anti-Ageing range of skincare. Sisley is most well-known for its skincare line, after which, comes makeup, in the recent years. 

Coming from a very artistic family, a painter father and a ballerina mother, no wonder Alexandre exudes that flair of doing his makeup almost like an art piece. He was sketching and "painting" some makeup face charts from scratch before the workshop and also did a live makeup demonstration on a model, first applying Sisley Paris skincare, and then a day turned evening makeup look to complete the workshop session. We were extremely intrigued by his sketches and drawings, very sensual and appealing, don't you think so?

Visuals above courtesy of Sisley Malaysia

Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist & Phyto-Eye Twist
Launched in 2014, Sisley's star product, Phyto-Lip Twist XXL pencils were a huge success within the year due to its vibrant colours. 4 colour family, with 9 shades, now with its 2016 new launch to the existing line, the 6 new summery shades, a total of 15 colours offer a wide combination of choices. It comes in a twistable format, no sharpening required. It does look pretty chubby to us. The shade we received was No.13 Poppy - a bright pop of red shade that one could spot a mile away if you put this on *_^ We are extremely surprised by its ease of application, it just glides onto the lips seamlessly, without much effort needed. Perhaps it is due to its 100% comfortable lip care formula, infused with skincare benefits, the texture is a super dreamy one and leaves a glossy shine on the pout. Phytosqualene maintains its suppleness and elasticity to ensure lip protection and moisturization while Commiphora resin extract smooths the lips and contours it, thanks to its firming effect. 

Visual courtesy of Sisley Malaysia

It is lightweight, without the burden of heaviness on the lips but still creamy enough to give us a good amount of coverage and intensity in terms of colour pay off. It has a very soothing sensation to it, we must admit. Super gorgeous ready-to-tint lip balm. 

Visual courtesy of Sisley Malaysia

Following the success of Phyto-Lip Twist, Phyto-Eye Twist was introduced in 2015 with new design of jumbo twist pencils for the eyes, providing eyes that are both electrifying and explosive with variety of deep shades. This year, 2016, 4 new summery shades are being added to the line. The shade that we have here is No.3 Khaki. This is a long-wear eyeshadow that is creamy, therefore, glides on so effortlessly that it is almost fool-proof. It feels soft on the eyes, ultra-sensory and contains a combination of skincare active ingredients to respect the delicate skin of the eyelids - soft and emollient green tea, camellia and white lily components. We also noticed there are some glitters to this water-proof eyeshadow, apparently derived from the mother of pearl to give off that slightly luminous sparkle to the eyes, which is not overpowering, but just enough to dazzle and capture some light.

Each Phyto-Lip (2.5g) and Eye Twist (1.5g) is retailed at MYR170 each.

The makeup workshop took way longer than we had expected, but we were glad that we still had some time to catch up with Alexandre personally after the session for a quick one-to-one interview for our FACES segment. We shall share more on this in due time. 

Thanks Sisley Malaysia for having us and for the kind arrangement for the interview. Here for more about the brand. We personally feel this is definitely one French brand to look out for and perhaps look into!

Till our next beauty learning experience, have a luminously beautiful and happy new week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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