Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Smokey Eye Session With Bobbi Brown

We love a smokey eye look but we have never learnt to master it and will always shy away from doing one, hence for our eye makeup, we tend to go with nude and neutral colours as it is always safer and easier to work with. But some times, we just need to break away from the routine and start to do things a little differently. 

So, walking passed Bobbi Brown Malaysia boutique at Midvalley one day, the sign at the entrance got our interest piqued! We walked in and minutes later, walked out with an appointment with one of their makeup artists in a few days time *_^ To say we were excited was an understatement. Nervous sounds more like it too, haha.

That day finally came. Our lovely and friendly makeup artist for the day, Seng Yee greeted us warmly and started to assemble the makeup items that we will need to do a smokey eye. The interesting thing is, she started showing us how to do our eye makeup, even before any foundation and concealer. Seng Yee said, it is all right because some times, our eyeshadow may drop as we go along, foundation later at times, can be a good thing. Now. that's something new to us.

She patiently showed us to start off by applying a cream based eyeshadow first to even out the darkness on our eyelids, then only start applying the rest of the eyeshadows. Only working on one eye at all times, using Bobbi Brown's signature Smokey Nudes Eye Palattethe layering of eyeshadows of different colours and textures gradually took shape.

After one eye was done, Seng Yee asked us to try and do the smokey eye makeup on the other eye ourselves. With her guidance, every step of the way, it did make us realize that doing a smokey eye is not that daunting as we had thought after all. All it takes is some great learning tips from the professionals like Bobbi Brown (who advocates that makeup can always be learnt), with the right tools and most importantly, the proper techniques. We also used Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner (Chocolate Truffle) to further enhance the eye look and to give it a little more definition. Voila, our very first smokey eye makeup was completed (though ours was not as nicely done as Seng Yee, we do need to give ourselves a pat on the shoulder for trying, yay!)

The next step was to apply the Bobbi Brown's famous Corrector (Dark Beige) and Creamy Concealer (Warm Natural) . We do seriously need some correcting as late nights contributed to our dark circles tremendously. It does work wonders with two products combined. Seng Yee emphasized that, to do a really good smokey eyes, the rest of your face, e.g. your foundation and concealing work needs to be extra clean, one needs to pay a bit more attention to that in order for the eye makeup to pop out. Well, which does make sense to us. Another good tip, checked *_^

For our foundation, we requested to try Bobbi's latest reformulated of their classic iconic stick foundation - Skin Foundation Stick (Warm Beige) as we heard so much about it (Gossmakeup artist raved about it on his youtube channel saying that it's by far Bobbi's best nude, next-to-nothing and looks-just-like-skin foundation, here to view). With the new Full Coverage Face Brush, surprisingly, it makes the stick foundation looks really natural on our face. It does not feel heavy at all after application. Amazing. Of course, we needed a little Face Touch Up Stick (Warm Natural) here and there to cover some imperfections and spots. For our eyebrow, it was an Eyeshodow Mahogany colour with an eyebrow definer brush, which we found super nice to use!

To complete the look, we dusted on the Extra Bright Compact Foundation (natural), Nude Peach natural blush, a coat of Smokey Eye Mascara and the new Lip Colour (Sandwash Pink), with Lip Pencil (Rose shade).

This was one great fun learning lesson from Bobbi Brown! Our special thanks to Seng Yee for the professional guidance and advice. It was most definitely worth the time spent. In fact, Bobbi Brown's latest NEW Party Chic Collection looks really enticing for holiday gifts purposes.

We spotted some interesting skincare products as well while we were there. It was one great experience and a wonderful afternoon session. Book yourself for an appointment and check out more about Bobbi Brown here and connect with them via their Facebook page here.

Oh, since we are still very new with smokey eye looks, we found a really good inspiration, from one of our favourite fashion and beauty bloggers, Kristina Bazan of KAYTURE, featured here. We feel she does a really good smokey eyes, all the time, looking absolutely gorgeous! Don't you think so? All pictures via her instagram.

Till we reach her level of precision and till our next fun makeup adventure, stay luminous and happy, always *_^

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  1. The smokey eye look that Seng Yee created is very pretty and suits you well Jeann! It looks like it would be a great day to evening makeup look.

    1. Oh yes, Rowena, definitely an evening night out ready look! Thanks for the compliment, my first try doing a smokey eye makeup *_^ Glad it turned out way nicer than I had hoped for.

      That shows skills and good products do help, with plenty of guidance, of course!

      Have a great week ahead!

  2. I love bobbi brown products! They are amazing, my favorite is their bronzer they are just perfect for me. You look beautiful with this smoky eye! So pretty. xx

    1. haha, thanks so much and you are so kind with your compliments. Yes, I do own a shimmer brick from bobbi brown and they make them really well, I must say *_^

      Thanks for dropping by, dearie!

  3. You did a great job at Bobbi Brown with the smokey eyes! =D At first I had a hard time with smokey eyes too but practise makes perfect. I love smokey eyes too and at times when I'm to lazy, all I did was just put on thick layers of black eyeliner! LOL! Keep up the great work babe =)

  4. haha thanks Yen! My attempt doing a proper smokey eye *_^ Glad it turned out better than I expected.


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