Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hypnotic Eyes With New Burberry Eyes Collection

November is getting really exciting, especially for the eyes. Yes, we are talking about the latest offerings from the British beauty and fashion brand, Burberry, with their latest addition of new mascaras, eyeliners and brow definers.

Developed by Burberry Make-up Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe, under the creative direction of Chief Creative and CEO, Christopher Bailey, the new eye products can be used to create a youthful look of naturally sculpted, full brows with defined eyes and enhanced lashes. Don't this sound delicious already? According to her, these new products effortlessly create the illusion of a natural, larger eyes. OOOOHHHH...

Well, looking at the black and white sleek campaign visuals featuring the actress of the recent film  Love, Rosie starring Lily Collins and Sam Caflin, Suki Waterhouse does look dreamy and wide eyes here. We are pretty sold on the concept already, now is to see if the products do deliver what they say? Won't know until we get our hands on them, perhaps when the right time comes *_^

New to the collection are Bold Lash Mascara, Curve Lash Mascara, Effortless Kohl Eyeliner, Effortless Liquid Eyeliner and Effortless Eyebrow Definer. All 5 new products added to the existing family.

To enhance and make the eye lashes full yet natural, two different mascaras are introduced, which both give a slightly different finish. BOLD Lash mascara is for creating intensively volumes, bold lashes. The creamy, highly pigmented formula gives rich volume and features a cone-shaped brush to capture every lashes from root to tip. Available in two shades: Ebony No.01 and Chestnut Brown No.02.

CURVE Lash Mascara is for lifted, fuller lashes. Together the smudge-proof, lightweight formula and precision brush volumes and curl the finest, flattest of lashes to frame the eyes. Available in two shades as well: Ebony No.01 and Chestnut Brown No.02.

For definition and to enhance the eye shape, use the Effortless Kohl Eyeliners, they are long lasting - an effortless product requiring minimal reapplication. Effortless KOHL Eyeliner is designed to outline eyes with long-lasting definition and intensity, or it is to be used on the inner lash line for a softer look. The waterproof formula lines with high pigment colour and features a retractable tip and built-in sharpener for quick precision. Available in four shades: Jet Black No.01, Chestnut Brown No.02, Storm Grey No.03, Pale Grape No.04.

The Effortless LIQUID Eyeliner has been designed for easy application thanks to its rubber grip. It is long lasting and used to effortlessly intensify the upper lash line. The ultra-thin tip applicator glides on evenly to deliver rich, accurate colour which lasts. The grip design helps to create precise lines with optimum control. Available in one shade: Jet Black No.01.

Eyebrow Definer
The Effortless EYEBROW Definer is undetectable and the three shades are perfect for sculpting and creating the illusion of a fuller brow for a youthful look. The Effortless EYEBROW Definer is an essential tool to seamlessly create the signature Burberry Brow as previewed at the Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2015 Womenswear Show recently (here if you had missed it). The smooth powder formula gives a natural, buildable look, while the slanted tip applicator makes it easy to create a precise shape. The soft brush is designed to sculpt, style and fix. Available in two shades: Sepia No.02 and Ash Brown No.03.

We tend to like using eyebrow definer of such as it is really portable and easy to use, but we also layer it over with matching powder eyeshadow with a brush for more natural finish. 

Most definitely something very exciting to look forward to. For full pricing and swatches and shades, please visit Burberry's website here. The new products are available at Burberry boutiques As always, before we leave, we shall share with you a video from the ad campaign featuring Suki Waterhouse. 

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  1. She looks gorgeous
    and anything Burberry is amazing.

    1. yes, she does, indeed *_^ Thanks for dropping by, Ann!


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