Tuesday, November 25, 2014

尋人啟事 | Lala 徐佳瑩






We have always loved Lala's style of music and singing. A young and talented Taiwanese singer-songwriter, she exudes that very intriguing way of singing and her voice is crisp and clear, yet hypnotic in certain ways that capture our heart. 

This particular number, "Looking For Someone" is quite a longing type of song. It speaks of searching for that someone in life. Do you have this kind of person in your life? Whom you have always been searching for. Longing for that moment of contact, or even share your pieces of moments with that person. That sort of feeling, tugged at your heart string, it is at times, buried deep down inside your heart, not willing to surface, not ready to let go either.

It reminds us of a young friend we used to visit when we were very small. Vaguely remember those afternoon where we spent at her home, her lush green big compound, chasing one another, without the worries of the world, just some good old fun time. Those were the days. But sadly, we can't even recall the person's name, now. Could only remember that beautiful innocent face of hers. Wonder how is she now, or even if she is still around?

Perhaps our path will cross, some day, if we were meant to see one another again...

Have a listen to Lala's number here and you shall know what we mean. Loving the vibe of the song, on this quiet night, after a heavy rain. Mandarin text via her youtube page.

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  1. What a beautiful calming voice! I love it. thanks for sharing daring. xx
    have a lovely day.

  2. Yes, we love her voice too!
    Thanks for dropping by, dearie *_^


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