Friday, November 28, 2014

[Inspiration] Design Your Life

It is interesting how when one subtracts certain elements out of the whole, it still makes sense, yet redefine the sum of its whole. We came across these visuals via pinterest and they make us ponder more. It is almost similar to life, we feel. Sometimes, there are things which we accumulate, yet, if we strip away some of the things in our life, it may not hold as much significance as we had thought it would have, previously. 

The Idea of Creating
Founded on the principle of balance. The idea adopted principle of minimalism and compensation. Access replaces a missing. In the right place subtracted elements are added to the missing cell. This synthesis obtains harmony. 

Source: here to understand more.

We love that notion of "one man's style must not be the rule of another's" mantra. We do agree with them. Style is uniquely individualistic, to a certain degree. It is like having a blog. You would envision how your blog would look like, stylistically and aesthetically, and you would also dictate how you would like to create your own style of contents. We feel, when we blog, sometimes, we do put our audience in mind, thinking what sort of content would appeal to our readers. But we feel that, there must always be a balance between the two - satisfying the mass/readers out there VS creating your own voice and content that matters to you too.

We love designs in life, and we are always intrigued by how others can conjure up a design concept or the thoughts that one puts into creating something. The creative thought process has always been something that we would love to explore and understand - why and how someone create something, this way and not that? Isn't it fascinating? And what actually dictates our sense of style and aesthetics and the decisions that we make? All these are burning questions that we always love to find out. It is like trying to figure out what makes a man and woman so different in every way and how do we, as the opposite sex function and behave. What brings us together and what tears us apart, for some? Wo...we are going too far, right? All right, let's get back to the topic.

If you love designs as much as we do, perhaps you will find more interesting inspirations via our pinterest board here called Design Illustrated.

Those questions aside, we do believe, we are the designer of our own life. Are you one?

Would that be correct to say so?

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  1. These are such appealing and engaging visuals. I definitely embrace the whole idea of less is more when it comes to design and many aspects of life as well.

    Have an amazing weekend Jeann!

  2. Indeed, Rowena. Less is more and we don't necessarily need everything in our lives *_^ Only the important ones that truly matter to us, in the end, actually.


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