Saturday, November 29, 2014

Comyns' Jazzy Launch Event - The Jazz Collection

Comyn recently celebrated its launch of a special collection at their Royal Selangor, Comyns and Selberan boutique at Pavilion KL, which we had the pleasure to attend, with many other guests. We were serenaded by a three-piece-jazz band, inline with the latest range called The Jazz Collection. It was quite an event. 

What caught our attention was the array of the brand's items and creations in the boutique, made from pewter from Royal Selangor, sterling silver, gold, to sparkling jewellery from Selberan and Comyns. It was amazing to see such a home-grown brand like Royal Selangor expanded over the years, but deeply rooted in its heritage and history, and also included brands that focus on delivering quality jewellery, like Selberan and Comyns. Today, the Royal Selangor brand has grown from a cottage industry to a global brand. This fourth-generation family business has employees spanning the globe, from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Shanghai, London, Toronto, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo, making Malaysia proud, obviously.

The Comyns' Jazz Collection pays tribute to the educated and independent women in the Roaring Twenties. These women pursued public roles, developed great fashion sense and their adoration towards classic Art Deco jewellery helped express their new-found attitudes towards society then. Such women include Coco Chanel, Louise Brooks and Gloria Swanson. A combination of grace, femininity and strength, the Jazz Collection captures the mood of the 1920s American social elegance and enjoyment of life before the Great Depression.

Combining solid geometry and fluidity, Jazz is a great portrayal of the streamlined form which is classic Art Deco. The geometric fan motif which defines the Jazz Collection is a contemporary take of the fan motifs from the Chrysler building in New York City, one of the most iconic Art Deco skyscrapers in the world.

Comprising a wrist cuff, earrings, ring and two pendants designs, Jazz is a collection for women of all ages. Made of sterling silver and crafted by Comyns artisans through traditional English methods of silversmithing, every creation of Comyns carries four hallmarks to certify its quality - the William Coymns hallmark, the fineness of silver content, the assay office mark and the date letter or year of assay.

We wandered around the boutique and found ourselves really intrigued by the pieces there. Great craftsmanships and attention to details they were. The animal series like the peacock and the pewter and silverware didn't fail to amaze us. Of course, some of our favourites would have to be the sparkling jewellery range from Selberan that really got our interest piqued *_^

Enthusiastic guests also took the opportunity to shop around and we spotted some really happy customers that night. The spacious two-floor boutique suddenly busting with lots of excitement. To us, it felt like a discovery of a treasure trove full of wonders.

To add on to the excitement of the evening, Selberan also took the opportunity to preview the latest solitaire diamond collections - Onda and Tara. The collection combines fluid and flowing lines with the brilliance of superlative diamonds. The result is visually captivating jewels which Selberan has become known for since 1973.

We had a lovely time there as we attended with a special blogger friend of ours, Yen from Diva In Me (do check out her awesome blog here. Doesn't she look lovely in green?) that evening. All in all, the event turned out pretty well, with happy winners of lucky draws (with the exception of a somewhat robotic delivery of the lady emcee *_^) and guess what, jewellery apart, we spotted one of our top favourite picks from Royal Selangor, the beautiful golden horses displayed elegantly, at the boutique. It would most definitely make a great centre piece in a home. What's more, two horses, double the prosperity, energy and luck *_^

Comyns' Jazz Collection retails between RM590 and RM1,550 while Selberan's Onda starts at RM6,800 and Tara starts at RM7,950.

Till our next event, see you again soon! Stay happy and luminously fabulous, always.

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  1. Thank you smooch for the shout-out Jeann! So sweet of you to put my picture up on this lovely post. Reading this post reminded me that I still have so much back logs (including this one) to do! Gosh...I better hurry up before year ends. Which is like soon!! =D

    1. haha quick quick then! Looking forward to reading it on your blog! Hopefully soon *_^


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