Friday, November 14, 2014

Loving the NARS Shameless Red Nail Polish

All right, let's be shameless here! We have a huge fat confession to make - we can't do a proper manicure (and pedicure!), extremely hopeless, and in fact, only perhaps put on colours (by ourselves) on our nails not more than 6 times in our entire womanhood life (seriously, right? But it's true). So you can imagine how nervous we were when after an absolutely lovely lunch date with our dearie friend from NARS Malaysia's, to be rewarded with some awesome makeup products and found that there were two nail colours included, ooopps *_^ 

Nonetheless, we braved ourselves and eventually put on the two colours, ourselves. So, you will definitely have to excuse our clumsy outcome as we have tried our best! Perhaps it would be better to get it done professionally else where, but we wanted to put ourselves to the test. Don't they say practice makes perfect? Haha

Since we are a novice when it comes to applying nail polish, the flat and wide paddle brush makes application much easier than any other slimmer brush that we have used before, as our nails get painted faster, with just a few strokes. We had two coats on in these pictures. We used Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood base coat (here for more) and finished off with 45 seconds top coat with Kensington Caviar (here for more).

We absolutely love the bright red colour on our nails, the vibrancy of the colour and finishes make our nails stand out more. A dash of colour never hurts, can it? It cheers up the mood and makes us feel a little extra "feminine" *_^ Guess what? This is only one of the 44 stunning selection of shades from the latest NARS nail enamel that promises a freshly-painted finish look that shines! Isn't it amazing? So much to choose from.

To our surprise, the colour lasted about 4 days till it started to chip off as we do do quite some washing and what not, with our hands (ooops, the "auntie" side of us revealed!). Never mind, another shameless thing to admit. We shall share with you more on the other colour we have, that is Jungle Red soon. More on the nail colour above here. NARS nail polishes can be found at their boutique at Pavilion KL, retailing at RM65 (15ml).

Well, it looks like we definitely need more practice! Do you have any good tips or advice to help us make our colour last longer? Or application techniques that you would love to share? (S.O.S) Please do let us in on some secrets!

Till then, have a luminous and beautiful rest of the week, lovelies *_^

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  1. I'm not very skilled with doing my nails either so it's a good thing I favor nudes and neutrals with a bit of shimmer of sparkle. They are definitely more foolproof than dark colors and mistakes are barely noticeable.

    Happy weekend Jeann!

  2. haha thanks Rowena for the tips, that was what I used to do, only keep to neutral and quite soft pastel colours as they are more forgiving *_^

    Hope you are having an awesome weekend yourself there!


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