Monday, November 3, 2014

The New Kanebo Impress GRANDMULA Essence Introduced

This November, a new exciting skincare product has been introduced by this Japanese brand, Kanebo Impress, adding to their existing impressive luxury skincare range called GRANDMULA. Grandmula stands for 'grand formula", it is the concept of "exquisite aura", believing that skin radiance comes from the inherent beauty that reaches its optimum balance and true beauty is beyond what we can see. Hence, Kanebo Impress Grandmula unveils its first essence, to complete the skincare lineup that consists of the existing Kanebo Impress Grandmula cream, lotion and emulsion.

According to the brand, this exquisite aura beauty essence is like a heavy silk that tightly fits the skin, like a pearl that melts right into your skin upon application and awakens your resting radiance like a leaf sprouts upward. It is a moment when exquisite aura begins to flow. One drop reminds one that the skin, is ALIVE. These are the supposedly experience that you will feel. We did try and research more on the ingredients listed but not much information except for the Rose Myrtle flowers that produces peach blossom lookalike flowers. 

It sounds really impressive, we must say. We have not tried the product personally, but this may be interesting for those we are willing to part with their money (quite a sum) as it is not a cheap investment, to be exact. This essence of 30g retails at RM1,850 (approximately USD560). We wonder how do the ingredients really work that equates to the pricing of the product? More on the brand here.

Perhaps, we can only attest to its efficacy once we try it, or if anyone out there have tried this range before, maybe you can share your thoughts with us?  Till then, this will remain a beautiful mystery to us.

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