Thursday, November 20, 2014

Introducing RMK's New Skintuner Treatment (Moist and Extra Moist)

We believe hydration is an integral part of a good skincare regiment and skincare that enhances such quality to the skin will naturally perk our interest (tremendously, actually. Of course there are other concerns like anti-aging, firming, brightening... gosh! the list can go on and on. Girls just want to have it all, aren't we? haha). So, when RMK sent us information on their latest release way back, we couldn't wait to share it with you all here. Only now we had the chance... sorry for being late! 

Best known for its signature dewy natural translucent skin achievable with its base make-up, RMK is firmly rooted in its New York make-up artistry, a Japanese brand that believes in helping us to reveal our best beauty with fun makeup collections and assortment of skincare products. 

The latest addition to their skincare range is the NEW Skintuner Treatment. Intensive nourishment to the skin, it is reformulated to provide powerful results by rehydrating multiple layers of our skin. Containing three powerful elements - hyaluronic acid, collagen and anti-oxidants, it penetrates all three layers of the skin, providing maximum nourishment, hydration and comfort to the skin. Wow, that sounds really interesting.

The supposedly newly scented and textured formula reaches deep within the skin while a cocktail of powerful natural ingredients strengthen the defense barrier of our skin, giving us the result of a beautiful skin. This latest product comes in two types - Moist and Extra Moist. (Moist is scented with notes of relaxing lavender, while Extra Moist exudes notes of delicate rose).

RMK Skintuner Treatment encompasses two new key ingredients -  citrus aurantium peel and Bilberry extracts, which work to keep the skin natural homeostasis balance. Citrus aurantium peel extract is a bitter citrus super fruit originating from the Himalayas (to moisturize and actively support and strengthen renewal of skin cells). While super nutrient Bilberry extract works to protect and nourish the skin on all levels. (Taken from the leaf of Bilberry, this powerful extract is rich in anthocyanin, which is known to actively promote production of ceramide in our skin while building up the skin's protective barrier. Resulting in an even, glowing complexion and supple skin).

Micro emulsion formula: oil x water (moisture/hydration) to deliver goodness to the skin. Suitable for normal to combination skin. Key ingredients include highly absorbent marine collagen, rice bran extract and super nutrients citrus aurantium peel and bilberry extracts to keep the skin's positive cycle in motion. The scent is a blend of 5 essential oils: relaxing lavender, lemon, bergamot orange, ginger and cardamom for a fresh relaxing experience. Rosewood included as well.

Extra Moist
Protect and promote healthy looking skin with a double dose of hyaluronic acid. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The rich emulsion is infused with 2 sizes of hyaluronic acid particles. The larger sized molecules veil the surface of the skin, the smaller molecules permeate into the skin's deeper layer to boost moisture level, for a dewy and youthful appearance. The scent is a floral blend of five essential oils: rose, geranium, patchouli, chamomile and spicy clove for a relaxing floral experience.

The product does look promising and sounds like packed a punch in terms of moisture level. We have started using the extra moist skintuner treatment already. We shall share more with you on our experience using it soon! For more details of the product, discover it here and the RMK brand in general here. RMK Skintuner Treatment is available starting November 2014 and can be found at their counters at Pavilion KL (inside Parkson) and The Gardens Mall (inside Isetan). RM120 for 150ml.

Till then, stay luminous and happy, always *_^

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