Saturday, November 1, 2014

[Inspiration] The Imaginary Book of Black and White

Is this the place? Are we even allowed to be here? Shhhh... don't worry...

The air is still, the shaft of sunlight is our only witness that afternoon, we wondered into this big space, books, we discovered that called upon us. We just could not help it.

The pages seem inviting, the ink smells of distant memories, the words, those words, compelling, we started flipping through the pages, tracing our fingers over the lines.

"The colours of the world decides to retreat into oblivion, what is left, is the lack of it, lustrously deprived, falling back to its pure basics - black and white... she walks towards the end of the alley, as if emerging from the ashes of wind, ever so mysteriously enigmatic"

Who do you think she is? Don't guess, just read

"... always searching, always looming, but never a dull moment of trying to grasp the sheer meaning of existence, she sat there, amongst the ruins of her own broken thoughts. She tries ever so hard to recollect, that very moment, when she was truly... her true self... and not someone whom she is expected to be"

I wonder what is she actually going through? Let's see

"... she must have been alone, too alone, amidst the sea of crowd, yet, her loneliness stood out, but eventually being drown out by the deafening sound of alarm, alerting her to snap back into reality. Is this plain, almost tasteless world the reality or is the reality black and white..."

"The more she thinks, the more she is aware of her own confusion, but her wandering mind refuses to  give in. Is she defeated by her own shadow? Will she ever be awaken from this dream?"

This is a weird weird book, come, let's leave.

The pages were left untouched, all over again, we were never meant to be there, that very afternoon.

As we were leaving, from the corners of our eyes, we suddenly catch a faint little glimpse, of HER...  the girl from the book? Walking away, down the alley, and gradually disappearing into the day.

So, we went on a day dream state of mind again, for this odd kind of a Saturday, that we totally love.

Pictures sources:
1,2,3,4,8,9 via here, 5&6 here and 7 here.

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