Monday, November 3, 2014

An Awesome NARS 20th Anniversary Party in Pavilion KL!

When the word "party" rings across the room, it never really perks our interest that much, as we are naturally not the party type, seriously! But when this word slipped into our mind about a month before the actual party invite came from NARS cosmetics, it really jolted almost all the senses in our body, we got all excited, seriously *_^ Who would really want to miss out on a party thrown by such an iconic beauty brand, right? We were eagerly waiting till the day arrived. Thanks NARS Malaysia for having us, again. We felt so pampered, secretly giggling away like a high school girl, all over again, haha.

It was a Thursday afternoon and my, it was a hustling bustling one at the concourse area of Pavilion KL that day. Upon arrival, we spotted the fabulous James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry doing an interview (and looking glowing at the same time), but we didn't manage to get to speak to him personally. Celebrities and guests started to arrive. We met a few of our friends from the industry and it was off to a great start already!

Local actress and personality, Pei Xuan. Nice seeing you again! You look fabulously audacious, by the way! **Blowing kisses**

Need no introduction, NARS as a beauty brand is a modern cult classic, synonymous with artistry, exquisite design and undoubtably, rich adventurous colour and witty irreverence. Twenty years ago in 1994, makeup artist François Nars launched 12 lipsticks in Barney's New York, due to overwhelming demand for the now-iconic shades, NARS Cosmetics was born. Now, in celebration of such long running success and milestones, the brand has launched its biggest achievement to date - The Audacious Lipstick Collection, and we were in the middle of it all, that day.

Singapore and Malaysia based actor/singer, Lawrence Wong. Our good old friend. Doesn't he look dashing?! Love the simple outfit and layering. Looking cool indeed. 

Absolutely loving the whole set-up at the party, we could tell much thought had been put into organizing it, from the front entrance, the makeup and beauty counters to the decorative steps down to the concourse area, all lined with the brand's name. Beautifully cool indeed, we felt. The party hype went on the way and the crowd was extremely excited. Everyone mingled around, some trying out the lipsticks and makeup brands, assisted by the NARS team on standby. We were, as usual, busy snapping away our pictures and occasional catching up with celebrity friends.

Let the party begin!

Great crowd, good music, nice ambience and cute finger food (the watermelon lychee drink was divine!), we were waiting to see if there were more surprises ahead. Indeed, the toasting of the celebration by the management team of NARS and Pavilion KL, the models adorned in fabulously AUDACIOUS lipsticks lined the stairway, making a great officiation to the occasion a much memorable affair.

Of course, the surprise was indeed a pleasant one as the internationally recognized Malaysian actress, Deanna Yusoff appeared after Will Quah, the emcee's announcement, to serenade the crowd with two French numbers. Yay! We love her as we have worked with Deanna before on a short film project years back, but never knew that she can sing as well too *_^ The models' makeup looks were seriously stunning! Fierce, strong and beautiful indeed, just as how NARS embraces makeup and envision how it should be, throughout these 20 years.

All in all, it was, yet again, another successfully fun party thrown by NARS! We would like to make a special shout out and thanks to the photographer friend whom we met that day, who took a lovely picture of myself (such rare occasion that I get to be in front of camera for a change). Thanks Rees from Vision4ward for the snap! Of course, our big thanks to friends at NARS Malaysia for the lovely invite! Get to know more about the latest from NARS here. Our previous blog post on Nars latest Audacious lipstick here, if you are curious.

Cheers to NARS for a fantastic 20 years of making us looking beautiful and may many more years of stunning beauty coming our way from the brand!

Stay tuned for more updates via LUMINNEJ on their latest Holiday 2014 Limited Edition review coming your way soon *_^ Till then, have a great week ahead.

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  1. I didn't know that NARS has been around for 20 years! Wow! It definitely got famous year after year. I love NARS makeup products. Especially their foundation and blushers. I've not tried their lipsticks though. I should give it a try soon.
    You're looking happy and great as always =)

    1. Yes, Yen. They are getting bigger and more known through the years. I have yet to try their iconic blushers. Hopefully soon.

      Thanks, I had awesome fun! You are too kind *_^ The photographer did a great job for snapping a good picture! haha


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