Saturday, July 4, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] The Call Of July

Goodbye June, Hello July.

Closing the book on this chapter of the month of June, July greeted us with a whirlwind of work (official and unofficial) that almost swept our feet off to a far distant land of anxiety (hopelessly out of our grasp, it felt), always chasing after the shadow of time that fell behind us, getting longer and slender by the minute, as the day passed us by, but never cease to stop, as if haunting us ever so eagerly. Beyond our control, it felt like standing in the middle of a dry meadow, letting the wind blew our serenity away, aimlessly. Luckily, the impending storm did not descent upon us and we got over it, barely alive, but nonetheless grateful.

July almost feels like a great deal is happening, production work wise, it leaves us longing for that cosiness of our bed, the warmth of an escapade, to somewhere non existence, a place without a name on the map of solitude. Guess what we really need is to seek that balance, a little more rest, stop for a moment, and regain that strength to move forward and complete the tasks at hand. 

In time like this, inching into summer, it would be great to be able kick back a little (once we complete all the projects) and soak in all the breeziness of summer has to offer -  some me time and a certain degree of reflection. Let's hope that we can maintain that balance, between work in real life and work in this illuminated world of blogging, that has become real and meaningful for us.

How is your July treating you so far, my lovelies?

All visuals via pinterest.

With summer love, 
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  1. Happy July Jeann!! I probably said this too many times, but it is truth, you writing is so beautiful!! July has been really good so far and is about to get better! I hope, you I am always positive!! xx
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. Thanks my dearie. Really happy to hear that you July is gearing up to be better! Yes, stay positive. Thanks for the encouragement

  2. June seemed to fly by so quickly and it was quite a hot month in NYC. Somehow the summer months are always ones that call for slowing down to me. Hope you'll be able to kick back and slow down this month as well.

    Have a fantastic week Jeann!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I really hope so too, after all the projects have been safely delivered *_^ Glad that you have some time to unwind and enjoy during the summer, dear friend!


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