Thursday, July 9, 2015

[Inspiration] Style Crush | Arely of Glamoury Armory

We personally feel nothing makes a woman more beautiful than she herself has arrived at a stage in life whereby she knows what works best for herself, and she is most definitely very comfortable in her own skin. A beautiful woman takes great care in making herself look presentable, owning her look, never a victim of fashion trends, sharing her love and passion for the things she loves with others, doing so much more while taking great care of her family by spending quality time with them. This woman whom we have come to admire and love her fashion style is none other than our good blogger friend Arely Munoz of Glamoury Armory

A beautiful woman knows how to take time off for herself, to enjoy the simple (and sometimes finer) things in life, and knows a great buy when she spots one. She is not one who loves to own it all when it comes to fashion buys, but carefully selects what is best for her, season after season. We feel, Arely is that kind of a woman. Her style is always classic, polished, at times tomboyish and a little preppy. Whatever she is in, she always manages to look super cool, comfortable and chic.

We adores her simple approach to fashion, always very minimal, modern and chic, in her very own way. Her closet is one that fills with basics, with monotone colour palettes that work to her advantage, in which she totally exudes that confidence that is equally demanding, yet approachable in a super friendly manner. 

Having lived in cities like New York, Mex and now Italy and worked in the fashion industry for many years, Arely has sharpened her sense of style traversing these exciting places. What we love most is that she is never one that skims from sharing her street style captures, her love for window shopping and her openness about things in life. Through time, we have even come to foster quite a friendship with her, by way of supporting each other in our blogging world and exchanging of ideas. It felt that this is a kind of virtual friendship (though separated by distance and seems surreal) is in fact as real as a true one, in person *_^ 

Arely's street style capture! Super cool.

We shall leave you with some of our favourite looks of hers and hope that you will enjoy it, as much as we have enjoyed her blog so far. If you are keen, you can also check out some of our other previous style crushes here! All visuals via her blog and Instagram account. Arely can be found blogging at her blog, Glamoury Armory here.

Till our next Style Crush, have a luminous and happy week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. I only discovered her blog few months back so I'm quite a new fan but you're right, she's brilliant! Believe it or not, she was the one who inspired me to finally take the plunge and bought myself a faux leather pants. Another reason why I love her is because I can related to her fashion sense, it's simple but chic and never OTT so I can easily try to replicate.

    Seriously a great article on her, Jeann! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hi Shireen,

      Am glad you see what I see in her. She is indeed an inspiration. Haha, I have yet to buy myself a faux leather pants though... heeheehee

  2. nice post as always!

    1. Thanks so much for your compliment *_^ It's always uplifting to know something good came out of what you do.


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