Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

With natural goodness in mind, Innisfree (here for more), a Korean brand was established in 2000 to harness all the goodness of Jeju Island has to offer to mankind, from the warm sunlight, clean rain, gentle breeze to the deep serene sea comes a range of products that derive from it. Nature produces its best when you take good care of her, that is for sure *_^

We were presented with two products from Innisfree recently. We shall talk about this one today. We love a good mask, at least one that is deep cleansing. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is one of such that provides that exact purpose, and more! 

The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a 6-in-1 pore care product. This 22 Global Beauty Award winner contracts pores, controls sebum, exfoliates, deep cleanses, brightens your skin tone and has a cooling effect. Jeju volcanic clay is made with the Jeju volcanic mineral from the explosion of Jeju volcano. It is an alkalescence resource (categorized as preserved resource) and is effective in removing sebum and impurities, especially good for pore care. It is also good to know that it is 4-free: free of mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, artificial frangrance and imidazolidinyl urea. 

This mask reminds us of the volcanic mud pool we had the pleasure to soak into when we visited the local Pulau Tiga (The famous Survivor Island made famous by the TV show) in Sabah many many years back. It looks exactly like the volcanic mud found on the island *_^ 

It comes in a dark brown tub, clean and simple, the content is a light gray colour mask that smooths on well, not too light or too heavy on the face, it feels just right in terms of consistency. We apply the mask on the entire face (avoiding the eyes area) and leave it on for 10 minutes. The clay mask dries up to quite a hard layer but is easily rinsed off with lukewarm water. It sure leaves the face super clean and feels just right. 

We have been using this for about a month or so, once a week, or at times twice. Though we have not yet seen significance improvement in terms of pore contraction, but it is a great mask for deep cleansing. The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask is retailed at MYR70 for 100ml

We are beginning to like some of Innisfree's products of late, for instance, their shampoo and body shower range are pretty lovely to use. Till our next review on our other Innisfree products, we shall leave you with one of our favourite videos from the brand. You can discover more of Innisfree via their Facebook page here.

Thanks Innisfree Malaysia for the love. Looking forward to more discoveries with the brand. Have a luminously happy and beautiful week, lovelies *_^

With love, 
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  1. Wow, the texture of the clay mask looks incredible! I have one by Decléor I'm yet to use and now I'm really looking forward to trying it! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. Ohhh, the price is very reasonable! I think I'll be picking this up next year when I balik kampung!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Hi Jeann, this sounds so good, I am all about deep skin cleaning, I am currently using the origins mask, I wish they could sell it here, I would try it. Have a great day my dear.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  4. I tried this before as I bought it when i travelled to Korea..
    It's glad that currently this product is available here.


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