Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Review] Shu Uemura Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation

We were first introduced to Shu Uemura's latest foundation, Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water at the media launch here previously. We have been test driving the foundation since. You must be curious why we say test driving? We shall discuss this shortly. 

It was introduced that Shu Uemura Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation (here for more) is a summer foundation that is thin, fit and lasting, specially designed for Asian skin, like ours. That got us really excited, as one may be well aware, it is always quite a challenge to have foundation that stay fresh and long-lasting in humid weather like where we come from, sunny and rainy Malaysia. Our needs: not only thin, feels refreshing, but oil-free, has to last (tested to last up to 12 hours), look natural, boasting a light fit and breathable coverage with UV sun protection. A tough call indeed, haha *_^ 

To make sure that the product captures the two opposing properties all in one (oil-free bi-phase formula) - sheer yet long-lasting, Shu Uemura needs to find the perfect powders that can absorb both oil and water, and at the same time, can be dispersed in water. With high-tech innovative approach, this quest leads to the discovering of the new Triple Powder Complex, a unique blend of three specially selected powders that can quickly absorb sweat and sebum for longer-lasting makeup while intelligently concealing dullness and tired skin for a soft-focused makeup finish. Water that harnesses Mint and Pomegranate Extracts goes further in offering a refreshing sensation and skin benefits. 

So what are the three powders? They are Perlite, Airlicium and Soft-focus Powder. Perlite quickly absorbs and releases water, Airlicium immediately absorbs oil and Soft-focus Powder gently covers pores. Sounds like a power combo. Airlicium is a super fluffy powder whose cells contain several micro-halls, once Airlicium catches the oil, it absorbs it at once. It also has higher absorption of oil compared to the conventional anti-shine powder, so Airlicium plays the main role in keeping skin light and protecting it from sebum. Other ingredients include cosmetic water for refreshing sensation and skincare benefits. Mint extract gives a cool sensation feeling and has skin conditioning properties while pomegranate provides the anti-aging benefits to the skin. It is good to note that the sun protection filter is usually oil dispersed and water dispersion is difficult, but this time Shu Uemura has looked into secret technology with water dispersing organic UV filter to offer sun protection with SPF30 PA+++. That is something quite remarkable, we feel.

We will have to mention the specially designed Pentagon Brushing Sponge that comes with the foundation. This new Skin:FIT pentagon brushing sponge was inspired by a method used for many years in Japan to apply Miza Oshiroi (traditional water foundation, was used in the Edo Period, 1603 - 1868 and is still used by Maiko, traditional Japanese female entertainers today). Yuji Asano, the International Chief Makeup Artist cum product designer came up with the idea of this unique dual-sided sponge that allows for two-step application in a simple way - "brush and fit". The brush side is the one in light beige colour, used to pick up foundation and apply onto face and the plain white side of the sponge is used to fit (tap to fit the foundation).

The Packaging
It comes in a simple white box, with one pentagon brushing sponge and the foundation. Housed in a solid glass bottle, one would notice the two separated layers of foundation and cosmetic water if the bottle is left standing for a while (due to the bi-phase formula). This means, one needs to shake well before use. It does not come with a pump, needs to be careful when you pour the foundation onto your palm. 5 drops will do, as per instruction.

The Experience
Now why we said test driving previously? The first time we used the foundation, we totally forgot about what we were told during the media launch, one must apply this foundation part by part on the face. We dotted our face with the foundation (like how we usually apply foundation), and by the time we blended the foundation out, it turned blotchy. Basically, the foundation dried up and clinged to our face. So, you really need to work fast, and apply the foundation as per instructed. We had to try and put on the foundation again on few other occasions. After about 4 separate attempts so far, this is our verdict. Yes, it is sheer coverage, yes, it does keep our skin matte, and powder is not necessary. The foundation has a very watery consistency. It REALLY fits into your skin super tightly, almost feels like hugging your skin, at some points it amplifies our fine lines on the forehead and dryness a tad. Holding power for us, not up to 12 hours though. It faded on us slightly after about 4 hours, actually. It does not really give you the glow, but rather, that thin layer of matt fresh-face look.

We personally feel this foundation would work really well if you have a really nice skin condition to begin with, it will be flawless, and has that bare face finishing that is all natural. Light and perfect for summer. It is great to know that you are in fact reaping the skincare benefits that it brings. It will not work too well if you have dry skin due to its effectiveness and high oil and sebum absorbing power. We feel the right technique or skill of application is crucial to achieve the desired result. Here for a step-by-step guide via youtube.

This new Shu Uemura Skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation comes in a wide range of 12 shades specially designed to fit Asian skin tones, which is super awesome. It is at 30ml and retailed at MYR148 (comes with 1 pentagon brushing sponge). Repurchase of the sponge is at MYR37 (for a pack of 4). The foundation is now available in store or any Shu Uemura boutiques in Malaysia. More about the brand here. Thanks Shu Uemura Malaysia for the invitation and love. We highly recommend you check out and follow Shu Uemura Malaysia on Instagram here as they have really beautiful feeds and updates there! It is by far one of our favourite makeup brands which got their Instagram brand presence done right *_^

Till our next adventure and discovery of the brand, have a luminous and beautiful week ahead. Stay happy always and enjoy your summer if you are having one, lovelies *_^

With Summer Love, 
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  1. Hello my dear, I have no idea about this foundation, I know the brand but not this beauty, so sad to know that it won't work for dry skin!!!mmm, I hope so they release something suitable for dry skin. Have a beautiful day dear.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. yes, this one is a new one from the brand, but I read about the one foundation before this, the Lightbulb series, apparently, that one has quite good review. Perhaps it's always about checking them out for oneself and it may not work for me, it may work for others *_^

      Skincare or makeup is always very personal.

      You have a beautiful day too, dearie.

  2. Hmm, this sounds like something that I need to avoid. Anything that emphasize my fine lines are a huge no no. I generally have pretty good skin but let's face it, at 36 years old, regardless how good the skin is, the darn fine lines are popping up like there's no tomorrow.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. haha true true. I do personally prefer a glowing finish rather than matte now as age is catching up on me *_^ oh well, you are still way much younger than myself here!

  3. Sounds like THE perfect foundation, Jeann! I love the fact it's oil free since I've got rather oily skin! Totally impressed by this multi talented product of Shu Uemura!! Gotta check it when running for errands tomorrow! ;) And again, wonderful high quality photos! Really enjoy watching those!!! <3
    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, Jeann! More HERE!

    xo Ira

    1. Thanks so much Ira for the lovely sweet encouraging words and comment, I will keep them close to my heart and serve as a constant reminder to improve further.

      Am honored that you have nominated me... not very familiar with all these awards thingy but will try my best and have a look how to go about it when I get some time. Super busy with my production work lately *_^

      Thanks and nice to see you again!

  4. Shu Uemura is an amazing brand. This sounds like THE perfect foundation for people like me who live in a humid country. also, that packaging. . . I'm obsessed. I love how simple it is.


    1. Well, if you ever give it a try, Kenneth, let us know what's your thoughts ya, am very keen to know if it works great on you *_^


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