Friday, July 10, 2015

[Review] RMK Casual Solid Foundation: The Perfect Summer Glow

We were never a huge fan of solid foundation years before as the one we tried was cakey and drying, it just didn't compliment our skin well enough and somehow aged us a tad. Since then, we try and stay away and our go to ones when it comes to base makeup is still liquid foundations, which we enjoy. When RMK Malaysia presented us with their latest RMK Casual Solid Foundation previously, we thought to ourselves, will this work for us? We brave ourselves to give this one a try. 

According to this Japanese brand, this latest edition to their already famous base makeup range is one that breathes fresh air onto your skin, it is supposed to "set your skin free" from all the caked-over makeup look, and leave your skin feeling fresh, light, glowing and easy.

The Ingredients
This solid foundation contains the wonders of four fine oil extracts: Bitter orange peel, Bilberry extract (a regular in RMK skincare range), new comers to the family, Sunflower oil and Almond oil. Extract of Bitter orange peel softens and hydrates the skin, extract of the Bilberry leaf, of the Ericacaea family, is a rich source of anthocyanin pigments (here for more in depth read on anthocyanin). Smoothly and quickly absorbed into the skin, Sunflower oil is a dream to apply and is frequently used in massage. Its linoleic, oleic acid (here to understand more) and high vitamin E content are proven agents in promoting fresh looking skin. Last but not least, Almond oil, a macromolecular oil made from the vegetable protein in almonds, absorbs into the skin fast, resulting in soft and resilient skin. Besides the oils, it also contains RMK special Fresh Clear Powder which is said that it will not alter the colour of the foundation, but instead, helps to keep it fresh and glowing over time by capturing the moisture within the skin.

The Product
It comes in a silver compact and a built-in mirror. With a pouch, the compact is nicely tugged in, we must say. There are two separate compartments. This Casual Solid foundation can be customized to your hearts contents with one - the base colour (Refill a) and two - Pearl Colour (Refill b). The Base Colour comes in 7 shades (101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 201, 202) at 3g with SPF38, PA+++  It is a foundation colour which you will need to apply with either the foldable brush that fits nicely into the compact, or you could apply with the new RMK Casual Solid Foundation Brush. Pearl Colour comes in 2 shades (01 & 02) at 3g each. This pearl colour serves as a highlight colour for the face. See here for more details on the shade choices and refill packs.

Our Experience
The foundation smooths onto the skin really well, it feels hydrating and calming (due the fine oil contents, we believe). We applied with the cunningly designed foldable brush, made with synthetic hair. This brush is specially designed in such a way that it is small enough to reach those smaller areas of the face, like the nose and all. Since it is slimmer once folded into half, it also acts like a contour brush to highlight the face. The only challenge we feel is that the brush is quite small, so it takes way much longer than usual to complete your face makeup and get all your face covered. It will not be an issue if you use the new foundation brush (or any of your normal size brush, we feel).

The foundation finishes to a glowing effect and it is only a sheer coverage. If you are looking for a full coverage solid foundation, this will not do the trick, but alternatively, it will give you that fresh glowing look, with minimal makeup and natural finish. Due to its fine oil benefits, it is especially suitable for dry and aging skin as well. Even though we have combination skill, we don't really feel the "weight" that this foundation has on us. Definitely a winner, specially great for traveling or carrying around for that little touch up *_^

Do note that all casing, brush and refills a and b are sold separately (all prices GST included)
RMK Casual Solid Foundation a (refill) and b (refill) are retailed at MYR80 each.
RMK Casual Solid Foundation Casing & Foldable Brush are retailed at MYR58.
RMK Casual Solid Foundation Brush is retailed at MYR106

So the one we featured here would cost MYR218 (80 x 2 + 58). We personally feel one can do away with the foundation brush, if you already have your existing brush, it should work fine. Here for more details about this new RMK Casual Solid Foundation, and here for the rest of the world of RMK, if you are new to this brand, which we have come to love. If you are keen or wonder how to apply the foundation, you can check out the tutorial here. (It's in Japanese though)

Thanks RMK Malaysia for the love. We have been enjoying some skincare goodness from RMK of late, we shall share with you more in the very near future. Till then, have an awesome weekend ahead, lovelies *_^

With summer love, 
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  1. Oh no no no, solid foundation reminds me of the days when I was absolutely clueless and use a stick foundation. I can't imagine how cakey it looked on my face but dang, I was walking around thinking I'm a complete babe. *cringe!* I love that this is suitable for dry and aging skin like *ahem!* mine but I'm not sure if I'll pick it up. Not kidding about solid foundations still make me cringe about my old days. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. hahaha I know EXACTLY what you mean, I bought one two-way cake foundation some years back and put that on thinking that I have the nicest face forward, but much later realized that it actually aged me even more! **gosh** cringe like you!! haha

      Luckily, this one is lovely.

  2. I tried RMK fluid foundation few years back and it's great..
    Looks like have to give this solid foundation a try huh?
    Thanks for such a good sharing Jeann ^.^

    1. Yeah, Venice, I think RMK is up there when it comes to base makeup. They are super good with it. I begin to feel that actually their skincare is good too, quite understated.

      well, no harm checking the solid foundation out over the counter first and see if it suits you?


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