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M.A.C Bold Blues Hit The Dance Floor At 16th Annual IIFA 2015 & First Ever M.A.C Makeup Studio in New York City

Nothing says cool and bold more strongly than the cobalt blues and black eyeliners that were apparent on all the Indian dancers at the recent IIFA 2015 (International Indian Film Awards) Dance show, and it most definitely brought out the bling, gold, glitz and glamour of the Bollywood dance vibe right into KL that night, making all the dancers looking steamy hot and exotic. For stage performances, nothing beats a great intense look, one that would turn heads and capture the audiences' attention. We shall share with you today some of the backstage M.A.C must-have makeup products that were used to create such looks, specially designed for the show that night.

M.A.C Single Eyeshadow FRESH WATER (1.5g at MYR68)
One will notice the striking blue hues on the eyes of the dancers that night. The shade is called Fresh Water (here for a closer look) and it is a cobalt blue that is very pigmented and will make your eyes pop in this vibrant hue. Though blue is one of our favourite colours but to the contrary, we rarely put on this colour as our eyeshadow, this time around, it was fun for us, to have the chance to play around with it. We have also included here some visual inspiration as to how we feel one can use this blue eyeshadow in a modern and chic way (visuals via pinterest).

M.A.C Prep + Prime 24-hour Extend Eye Base (12ml at MYR81)
We have used other eye primer or eye base before and we must admit that it creased on us after a while since we have fairly oily lids, leaving a fine line of eyeshadow, which is not a great sight to behold. When we got this one from M.A.C, we were curious to put it to the test and see how it fare. Surprisingly, this one works just fine and we love the silky smooth texture of the product, glides on the eyelids easily and maintains the colour of the eyeshadow nicely. The fact that it is loaded with antioxidant ingredients like Vitamin E makes this one a winner. It's comfortable and lightweight. Awesome. Here for more.

M.A.C Single Eyeshadow CARBON (1.5g at MYR68)
Powder eyeshadow, this one added depth to the eye makeup of the dancers that night, giving the eyes more dimension. It is good for us to line our upper eye line and gives our eyes more volume, in a way. Pigmented, like the blue eyeshadow, good to create lasting impression. Here for more.

M.A.C Fluidline BLACKTRACK (3g at MYR80)
Comes in a dainty glass pot, this gel formula eyeliner in black provided the dancers some really dramatic winged eye look that night. We love the fact that this one from M.A.C is super easy to use, almost "foolproof", with a brush, one can have a thin line or add on to a thicker line for more drama. We also noticed that it is smudge-proof, which is fabulous as some other gel liners we tried before left us with "panda-looking" eyes once the formula wears off and falls onto the lower eyes area. Even though it stays on the eyelids for long hours, it can be removed effortlessly with our eye makeup remover. We are loving this and hope that it will no dry up on us in the pot *_^ Here for more.

All visuals of the backstage shots of IIFA2015 Dance show are courtesy of M.A.C Malaysia. On a separate note, we are super excited to share with you that M.A.C Cosmetics have opened their very FIRST ever M.A.C Makeup Studio in New York City recently. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and joining M.A.C's 10 freestanding stores in the Manhattan area, this makeup studio is the very first from M.A.C dedicated to the brand's trusted makeup services, applications, lessons and professional artistry.

It is a different concept from the usual often-busy retail spaces one would find. It is a personalized one-on-one experience with M.A.C makeup artists, it is very intimate, hence the six makeup stations being the centre of focus. Each station is equipped with an iPad loaded with the Studio's full menu of services, inspirational looks and the brand's new booking tool, allowing consumers to schedule their next visit. For those who prefer a more personal experience, two private makeup rooms are available. Planning a larger party to socialize with girl friends while receiving makeup applications? Now you can do so here at the Studio! How fun is that, right?

Upon entry, one will also notice the five oversized face charts, emphasizing artistry rather than the usual regular campaign visuals and products display. In other words, it is service-centric. So, what can you do at the studio? Apparently, there are menus that one can choose from, or mix and match, catered to your own individual preferences or makeup shades, products and needs. The menu is broken down into full-face Applications and Lessons from 60-90 minutes and "Focus Features" which center around just one face area from 10-15 minutes. The Application menu offers seven looks ranging from a soft sculpted glowing face to a winged liner and bold lip look. Focus Features include bold lip, sculpted face, winged liner and much more. Additional services include wedding and theatrical makeup, tattoo cover-up and false lash application.

Looks like New Yorkers are in for a real treat! So, to all our NYC blogger friends, this is a piece of great news indeed! Do visit the M.A.C Makeup Studio and perhaps share with us your experience there? Hope you will have fun!

More on M.A.C the brand here. Thanks M.A.C Malaysia for the love. Hope that you lovelies are having a great week. Talk soon *_^

With love, 
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  1. Hi Jeann, Great pictures my darling, I love the makeup looks, this new studio is beautiful I wish i was in NYC now so I could go visit, I hope to visit it soon. Have a beautiful weekend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog 

  2. Yeah, exactly dearie. I was thinking of you when I was writing this post, I was telling myself how wonderful it must have been if you were still staying in NYC, you can go and take a peek for me, haha *_^


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