Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Inspiration | Musing] Girl Crush Kind of Night

The way she whispers soft lullaby of twisted words, words you know so very well you can never believe, yet you fail to resist, her magic touch is too much to endure, almost to the point you would burst into flame the moment you realized you can never live without her, ever again.

That first taste of love, is intoxicatingly dangerous, hopelessly foolish and most often than not, one or the other will eventually get hurt, the heart shattered and spirit broken, as if like a fresh wound that is wide open and is waiting to be left dry, under the scorching summer heat. 

Her laughter pierces your heart, her cold stare weakens your mind, her silence cuts right into your bone, leaving you paralyzed. Can love be that unreasonable, can love be more absolutely tender and kind? Perhaps those love that do not hurt enough is not real love after all. 

On a rumbling and restless night like this one, my mind drifts back to you, my heart chooses to remember you, even though you have long gone, even though you were the one who said goodbye first. I feel like drowning myself in those memories that I can't seem to shed, even till today. Why do I let you come back to me, like this, my first love? Without a single shred of warning.

You are just too cruel, my love.

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